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We are International Freight Forwarder PT Angkasa Adibayu Buana

Established in 1996, AAB is registered in the Sea – Air Transportation Department in Indonesia

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AAB Forwarding Services

The summary is that we help to facilitate all international traders with smooth shipments from start to finish.

We will take care of everything whether your shipments are by air, sea, land, or combined. Feel at ease with us as we provide services ranging from port-to-port to door-to-door shipments.

Over the years, we have handled extensive shipments from multifarious customers. Many of them belong to joint venture companies which export and import worldwide.

So fret not: you are in the right hands.


Our Headquarter and Branch

AAB’s Head Office in Surabaya and Branch Office in Jakarta grow up together in this global market to compete free trade globalization

Kantor dan Jangkauan AAB

Why AAB.

Kantor dan Jangkauan AAB

Established in 1996

We have been in the business since 1996, rest assured we know what we are doing.

Kantor dan Jangkauan AAB Surabaya

Professional Handling

Over the years we have handled a lot of shipments from many customers around the world.
All cargoes are handled professionally.


We'll Make It Happen

We have the supports from our partners for all airlines & shipping lines whether they have or do not have services in our coverage area.

Full Forwarding Services

We provide the full realm of forwarding from consolidation of shipments, customs clearance, pick up, packing, and trucking until the delivery to your doorstep.

No Hidden Fee!

When we give you a quotation, that is all you have to pay. No additional fees after that.

We provide free information and advice,
also welcome the opportunity to the opportunity to
handle a trial consignment!





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Branch Office

Jl. Letjend Suprapto, Kompleks Cempaka Mas L-59, Jakarta Pusat 10640 - Indonesia